Newly Elected CAAWSG National Auditor Expresses Gratitude

 10th June 2024


Hajia Maryam Ibrahim Osuza

The newly elected National Auditor of the Collaboration of All APC Women Support Groups (CAAWSG), Hajia Maryam Ibrahim Osuza, expressed gratitude to her supporters, family, and friends following her victory in the online election held on June 1st and 2nd, 2024.

In an appreciation message sent exclusively to the *Daily Sun* on Monday, Osuza highlighted the crucial role played by her voters and supporters in her successful campaign.

“I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you who voted for me and contributed to my success in various ways during the online election.”

Reflecting on the election process, the Nasarawa APC woman politician, who hails from Keana Local Government Area, noted the significance of the collective effort that led to her triumph.

“Your votes have made me proud to serve as the National Auditor of the Collaboration Of All APC Women Support Groups,” she said. This position, she believes, will allow her to contribute meaningfully to the organisation’s goals and objectives.

According to reports, Osuza’s campaign was marked by extensive outreach and engagement, leveraging both traditional and digital platforms to connect with potential voters. Her message of accountability and dedication resonated with many, ultimately securing her the position. “Thank you for believing in me and for your unwavering support,” she reiterated, expressing deep appreciation for the faith placed in her leadership.

Looking ahead, Osuza pledged to work diligently to justify the trust and confidence shown by her supporters. “I promise to work tirelessly to justify your trust and ensure the progress of the organisation,” she affirmed.

She added that she will be committed to transparency and effective oversight as National Auditor, aiming to strengthen the integrity and functionality of CAAWSG while also highlighting the importance of unity and collaboration within the organisation.

She called on all members to continue working together towards common goals. “Your collaboration and support have been crucial, and I look forward to our continued partnership,” she said.

Osuza’s election is seen as a significant milestone for CAAWSG, reflecting the organisation’s commitment to inclusive and participatory leadership. Her role as National Auditor will involve overseeing financial operations and ensuring adherence to organisational policies and procedures.

In an interview with the *Daily Sun*, her supporters expressed confidence in her ability to perform her duties effectively. “Hajia Maryam Ibrahim Osuza has shown exceptional dedication and leadership. We are confident that she will excel in her new role,” remarked one of her campaign volunteers.


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