Netizens react as Sokoto gov renames road after Seyi Tinubu

 June 10, 2024

Netizens react as Sokoto gov renames road after Seyi Tinubu

Sokoto State Governor, Ahmad Aliyu, has faced significant backlash for renaming a road in the state after Seyi Tinubu, the son of President Bola Tinubu.

The road, previously known as ‘Pepsi Road’, was set to be inaugurated on June 3 by Katsina State Governor Umaru Dikko Radda, but the event was postponed.

On Saturday, a photograph of the newly named ‘Seyi Ahmed Bola Tinubu Road’ went viral on social media ahead of its yet-to-be-announced rescheduled commissioning date.

The decision to name the road in Sokoto State after Seyi Tinubu sparked widespread criticism and debate on social media.

Many people expressed their disapproval, questioning Seyi Tinubu’s contributions to the state and the appropriateness of the decision.

Below are various reactions from X users:

@kabeest said, “Ahmad is a local champion who is looking every way possible to be recognize at all costs. In his efforts to that shameful course, he started by embarrassing sokoto to the entire nation. What’s Seyi achievements to Nigeria? What Seyi ever contributed for the development of sokoto.”

@Sir_ashmaan commented, “Its Rude to Name a road after Seyi tunibu in a state like Sokoto seat of caliphate. What he have done In the develop of our dear State.. A state that have many great people’s, Islamic scholars politician that contributed Alot in developing of our state and Nigeria atlarger.”

@saadusalihu noted, “While other states are commissioning Grand state projects that captures the presidents attention, Sokoto decided to name a street after the president son saboda an tsere mana wajen innovative and revolutionary thinking.”

Another X user, @UncleAnass, shared a photo of the renamed road and commented, “This is how @Ahmedaliyuskt is denigrating the name of Sokoto with his lack of capacity and sheepishness. Imagine naming a road after Seyi Tinubu. Not even the Tinubu self. Mtschew. This is so denigrating. This is really pathetic. Allah ya isa.”

Also @Heinz_Gunner, remarked, “Road to North Korea. This is how it begins!!” while @jnraib2 added, “Even Lagos didn’t name a road after Seyi Tinubu, but Sokoto governor must impress Tinubu.”

@AsIngawa001 stated, “Seyi Tinubu road in Sokoto State stands as a testament to Nigeria’s practice of celebrating individuals with little or no contribution to the country’s progress.”

@ahmed_shehu7 questioned, “What did Seyi tinubu contributed to Sokoto state that his road was named after him?”

Despite not holding any official position in his father’s administration, Seyi Tinubu appears influential within the All Progressive Congress, often accompanying his father on international trips.

However, he was barred from attending the Federal Executive Council meeting a few months ago.


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