Edo 2024: “Ighodalo No One’s Puppet” – PDP Chieftain Slams Godfatherism Claims

 10th June 2024


A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State, Adolor Agbonavbare, has described as false claims that the Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki is a political godfather to the party’s standard bearer in the 2024 governorship contest, Asue Ighodalo.

Agbonavbare, in a statement yesterday, said it was imperative to dispel the falsehood and shed light on the realities of Obaseki and Ighodalo.

According to him, politicking in Nigeria is fuelled by rumours, propaganda and misinformation, just to becloud the truth and create a distorted image of individuals and their relationships.

He described Obaseki as a man known for his progressive leadership and commitment to good governance.

He said: “His tenure as Governor of Edo State has been marked by notable achievements in infrastructure development, education, healthcare, and economic growth and civil service reforms. Obaseki’s track record speaks for itself, demonstrating his dedication to serving the people of Edo State and advancing their interests.

“On the other hand, Dr Asue Ighodalo is a highly accomplished individual with a background in law and economics. His reputation as a seasoned lawyer and economist is well-established, with global recognition for his expertise and professionalism.

“Dr Asue Ighodalo has chaired the boards of several blue-chip companies, showcasing his leadership skills and strategic acumen in the corporate world.

“Currently, he runs one of the largest law firms in Nigeria, employing over a hundred lawyers, further highlighting his success and influence in the legal field.

“It is essential to emphasise that Dr Asue Ighodalo is a man of integrity and independence, with a strong sense of principles and ethics guiding his actions.

“His career achievements and professional accomplishments stand as a testament to his capabilities and leadership qualities.

“Dr Asue Ighodalo, known for his commitment to excellence and his unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards in all his endeavours, is out of the league of those who can be pocketed in a godfather/godson arrangement.

“If Obaseki was looking for a godson, Dr Asue Ighodalo wouldn’t be a choice considering his pedigree.

“As such, the notion that Governor Godwin Obaseki could be a political godfather to Dr Asue Ighodalo is not only unfounded but also blatantly false.

“Both individuals are distinguished in their own right, with unique backgrounds and achievements that set them apart as leaders in their respective fields.

“To suggest that Dr Asue Ighodalo is anyone’s puppet is a disservice to his character and undermines his autonomy as a capable and independent thinker. A godson would be malleable and docile, but the very distinguished Dr Asue Ighodalo would not make such an ignoble list.

“It is crucial to recognise that political dynamics in Nigeria are complex, often influenced by various factors such as alliances, interests, and ideologies.

“However, it is essential to differentiate between reality and speculation, especially when it comes to the integrity and reputation of individuals like Governor Godwin Obaseki and Dr Asue Ighodalo.

“Baseless allegations and misinformation do a disservice to the public discourse and detract from a genuine understanding of the contributions these individuals make to society.”

He urged voters in Edo to dispel the propaganda and lies surrounding Governor Obaseki and Ighodalo, as both individuals are respected for their achievements and leadership qualities, and they deserve to be judged based on facts rather than unfounded rumours.

“Governor Obaseki and Dr Ighodalo are independent, capable leaders who have earned their reputations through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Let us focus on the truth and resist the temptation to perpetuate falsehoods that sow discord and division.

“Dr Asue Ighodalo is a consummate lawyer, successful business person and a great leader. He is a founding partner of Banwo & Ighodalo, a leading Nigerian corporate and commercial law firm, he is nobody’s ‘boy’ or ‘godson’ as fifth columnists want the unsuspecting Edolites to believe,” he added.


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