Nurse goes missing after visit to Abuja park

 June 6, 2024

Nurse goes missing after visit to Abuja park

Nurse Lucy Likeh has gone missing after visiting a park in the Federal Capital Territory to send a parcel to her friend.

According to The PUNCH, 28-year-old, said to be working with a private organization at MKK Plaza in Jabi, Abuja, was at Zuba Park to send a parcel to her friend in Minna, Niger State, on Friday.

However, her whereabouts have remained unknown since then, and her mobile phone has been switched off. She was last seen wearing a black tracksuit, a black/white chiffon shirt, and a fez cap.

Confirming the incident, Likeh’s brother-in-law, Shadrach Obi, said he had reported the incident to two police stations in the FCT.

“She’s my wife’s younger sister, and she hasn’t been found yet. As I speak to you now, I am on my way to the FCT Police Command. Though I have reported the matter to the police station around where she works. I have also reported to Zuba Police Station covering where she reported she was going on Friday. But those efforts are not yielding result yet, and today, I am going to the command now to make a report,” Obi said.

Obi had earlier shared a missing person notice on social media platforms, confirming that Likeh got to the park and sent the parcel, which the friend had received in Minna.

“My wife’s younger sister who stays with us is missing. She’s a nurse. She works with a private organization at MKK Plaza in Jabi. She chatted with my wife on Friday evening that she would be going to Zuba Park after work to send a parcel to a friend in Minna. Since then, we have not seen her, and her phone has been switched off. It was confirmed that she actually got to Zuba and sent the parcel because the receiver has been contacted by us. We have gone to the police station at Utako and Zuba to make a report, and I want to put it here just in case. For any useful information about this, please contact me: Obi Shedrach Azuka 08035545578 or the nearest police station,” the missing person alert read.

According to the information, Likeh is slim, of average height, and chocolate in complexion.


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