NLC Strike: Patients stranded in Abuja hospital as industrial action commences

June 3, 2024

As the nationwide strike declared by the organised labour comprising Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress enters its first day, patients at the Kubwa General Hospital have been left stranded as medical personnel have refused to render any form of medical assistance or services to them.

Their action is meant to keep in line with the enforced strike by the NLC.

The NLC and the TUC commenced an industrial action on Monday, to protest the N60,000 minimum wage proposal by the Federal Government.

While the gates of the hospital were opened, our correspondent observed that a couple of nurses had packed their bags to leave, however, it could not be confirmed if their action was simply meant to indicate the end of their shift or a move indicating solidarity with the industrial action.

A hospital staff at the Radiology Unit, informed patients who came for scans, that the hospital would not be attending to patients due to the ongoing strike.

“We are not attending to patients today, because of the strike”, she told the patients.

A patient at the Pharmacy unit of the Accident and Emergency Wards, who did not name her name mentioned, lamented that she had made payments, but was not given medication or a refunded her money.

“They collected money and refused to give us our drugs. If they knew they wouldn’t attend to anyone because of the strike, why did they open”, she asked.

While the Post-Natal ward and Laboratory Units seemed to be operating skeletally, our correspondent gathered that the hospital staff were trying to attend to as many patients as possible, before the unions would arrive to fully enforce the strike and ensure compliance


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