Nasarawa: WIMIN, Ministry of Women Affairs, Forge Partnership to Combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

 24th May 2024


Women in Mining in Nigeria (WIMIN), in collaboration with the Ministry of Women Affairs Nasarawa State, announces a forthcoming Co-ordination and validation meeting aimed at bolstering cooperation among stakeholders combatting Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) within the state.

In a press release signed by Engr. Adeyemi, Chairperson of WIMIN sent to reporters on Friday stating that the meeting is Scheduled for May 24, 2024, in Lafia, adding that the pivotal event seeks to validate the Referral Handbook for adoption as an official document in Nasarawa State, supported by the Ford Foundation.

“The adoption of this handbook as a state-level document marks a crucial step in addressing and mitigating issues of sexual and gender-based violence within our communities,” remarked Engr. Janet Adeyemi, President at WIMIN, emphasizing the significance of collective efforts in combating SGBV.

With a focus on inclusivity and collaboration, the meeting aims to gather input, ideas, and opinions from diverse stakeholders, including representatives from various organizations and mining companies operating within Nasarawa State. This open forum will facilitate discussions on the handbook’s content, allowing for proposed modifications to ensure it comprehensively addresses the needs and challenges faced by SGBV survivors in the state.

“The primary goal of this meeting is to strengthen collaboration among all stakeholders working towards combating SGBV and to ensure the effectiveness of the Referral Handbook in addressing the needs of survivors,” stated a representative from the Ministry of Women Affairs, underscoring the importance of collective action in tackling this pervasive issue.

The event will provide an essential platform for stakeholders to engage in dialogue, share best practices, and explore innovative solutions to address SGBV effectively. By fostering collaboration and coordination, the meeting aims to enhance the implementation of strategies outlined in the handbook and pave the way for sustainable interventions to support survivors of SGBV.

“We are committed to fostering a safe and supportive environment for all individuals impacted by SGBV in Nasarawa State,” affirmed Engr. Adeyemi, reiterating WIMIN’s dedication to driving positive change and advocating for the rights of vulnerable populations.

Participants at the meeting will include relevant stakeholders and representatives from mining companies operating within Nasarawa State. Their collective input and expertise will be instrumental in shaping the final version of the Referral Handbook and ensuring its alignment with the needs of the community.

“For more information about the validation meeting or the SGBV Referral Handbook, interested parties are encouraged to contact WIMIN via their official website or Instagram handles. Together, through collaborative efforts and sustained action, stakeholders aim to catalyze change and eliminate SGBV in Nasarawa State.”


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