2027: Obi supporters begin mobilisation, set up committee

 20th May 2024


Peter Obi

Supporters of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), have commenced mobilisation and have even set up a harmonisation committee, ahead of the 2027 polls.

A statement by the Chairman, Obidient Harmonization Committee (OHC), Joseph Enan Maigari, yesterday, said the structure of the Obidient Harmonization Team had received wide acceptance across the country and the nominated volunteers have accepted to work for the former Anambra State governor.

“Everyone is aware that we have been assigned a delicate task whose execution, success or otherwise, will have critical and far- reaching consequences for our land and nation in the coming years.

“It is an awesome responsibility. It is important to bear constantly in mind the title of the act that has brought us into being – the Promotion of Peace, Unity, Reconciliation, Harmonisation and grassroots mobilisation.

“Absolutely central to our concern in the work of our Team is helping our land and people to achieve genuine, real and not cheap and spurious reconciliation.

“Some view the team with considerable misgiving and indeed suspicion and even hostility because they have convinced themselves that the Team is going to degenerate into pursuit of selfish interest and not promotion of all interest and the assumption is that it would be miscreants from one side only.”

He said the group was meant to be a part of the process of the healing of its members, Nigerians, the party and the nation.

“We are a wounded people because of the failure of the past and present leadership, no matter on which side we stood. We all stand in need of healing. We on the team are not superhuman.

“We too need forgiving and to forgive ourselves in order to be able to wrestle the oppressors holding this country captive since 1960,” he noted.

He expressed hope that the members of the committee across the country would provide quality leadership as they forge ahead into the 2027 Presidential election.

“We are privileged to be on this team to assist our land, our people to come to terms with our dark past once and for all. They say that those who suffer from amnesia, those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it.

“It is not dealing with the past to say simply, let bygones be bygones, for then they won’t be bygones.

“Our country, our society would be doomed to the instability of uncertainty – the uncertainty engendered by not knowing when yet another scandal of the past would hit the headlines, when another skeleton would be dragged out of the cupboard.

“We will be engaging in what should be a corporate nationwide process of healing through contrition and forgiveness. To be able to forgive one needs to know whom one is forgiving and why. That is why the truth is so central to this whole exercise.

“But we will be engaging in something that is ultimately deeply spiritual, deeply personal. That is why I have been appealing to all our people – this is not something just for the committee or team alone. We are in it, all of us together, Muslim and Christian, North and South, we this rainbow people of God.

“That is why I will appeal to our different communities of faith (Christian, Muslim) to uphold the Committee in fervent prayer and intercession that we may be showered with the divine blessings of wisdom, courage and discernment.

“We have seen a miracle unfold before our very eyes and the world has marvelled as Obidients, all Obidients, with how they made a statement in the last most controversial elections in the history of our great country.

“The end of oppression and evil in Nigerian leadership is near, and we hope that we all can work together with a common dream and purpose to create a new Nigeria.

“The miracle must endure. Freedom and justice must become realities for all our people and we have the privilege of helping to heal the hurts of the past, to transcend the alienations and the hostilities of that past so that we can close the door on that past and concentrate in the present and our glorious future,” Maigari added.

Members of the committee include North East: Joseph Enan Maigari, Hon Dr Yawe Jinadu, Comrade Zanna Ali Haruna, Dr Kambu Papka. North West: Khalifa Sharif Anta, Alhaji Usman Graham, Abubakar Yawale, Mrs Deborah Bwala-Maina. North Central: Shiekh Rufai Al-siddiq (PRO), DIG Lawal Gambo (Rtd), Iortyom Kenneth Terhemba, Caleb Audu (Assistant Secretary).

Others are, South South: Chief Ephraim Etete-Owoh, Comrade Gometi Crested, Dr Chinelo Onwusi (Secretary) South east: Mmaduabuchi Chekwubechukwu (Mobilization), Dr Chibuzor Obiesili, Engr John Iwuchukwu. South West: Adeyeye Tosin (Head ICT) Odusote Emmanuel. Kolade Gbolagade, Austin Yonwunren.


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