NFF slams two-point deduction on Enyimba

 May 1, 2024

NFF slams two-point deduction on Enyimba

Enyimba Football Club has been penalized with a two-point deduction by the Nigeria Premier Football League for their role in the disruption of their match against Doma United.

This decision comes after the NFF disciplinary committee overturned Enyimba’s victory in the game.

The match was marred by controversy when, after 88 minutes of play with a scoreline of 0-0, Enyimba scored a goal that was initially allowed.

However, the goal was later deemed offside after consultation between the referee and the Assistant Referee 1, who raised his flag.

Criticism was directed at the referee for using an unconventional method of consulting an Outside Broadcasting Van outside the Enyimba International Stadium to make the decision.

As a result of the NFF ruling, the match’s result stands at 0-0, and Enyimba has slipped to third place in the league standings.

Meanwhile, the club intends to appeal the decision.


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