Some Nollywood practitioners are diabolic –Crowncy Anyanwu

 23rd April 2024


Nollywood Actress and filmmaker, Crowncy Anyanwu, a few weeks ago welcomed her first child in the United Kingdom. In this interview with Sunday Sun, the Imo State-born Thespian shares her motherhood journey, career path, and the practice of diabolism in the Nigerian movie industry. 

How do you feel being a first-time mum?

I feel so happy. Looking at my daughter gives me so much joy, but then again the sleeplessness is something else. I’m enjoying every bit of it though. 

What was the labour experience like? Did you scream, or yell?

That experience was something else, but then I had my baby in a developed country, so they made labour a bit easier with their advanced technology.

When do you intend to resume work?

I am looking forward to that already. I will be in Nigeria this month. My mum has come to join me in the UK, to help get my things back to Nigeria. You know, I can’t carry my baby and luggage at the same time, so she’s here to help.

Do you mind telling us who is the lucky father of the child?

I wouldn’t want to talk about that (laughs)

Are you guys planning to seal it with marriage?

I said I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t like my private affairs out there for public consumption.

How will you know a man that God destined for you?

A man who would have the same understanding as me. He has to be God-fearing and also ready to spoil me with money. I would see such a man as God sent. 

How do you plan to cope with your career, as a new mum, knowing how tasking your job could be?

Sure, I have like two personal assistants in Nigeria and they are standing by to assist at any time I need anybody to be with my daughter while I work.

Are you working on any movie production at the moment?

No, I am just at home giving my baby the full attention she needs at this time.

What has motherhood changed about you?

First, realizing how difficult it is to be pregnant, and then deliver and nurture a newborn, changed the way I treat people most especially mothers. I have grown to have so much respect for them, starting from my mother.

Will motherhood also change the kind of roles you accept?

No, it will not change anything about my career. I will continue giving it my best irrespective of motherhood.

What was your mother’s reaction when you told her you were pregnant?

She was excited. I never knew she had been waiting to hear such good news from me. 

What will make you more fulfilled?

Going back to movie production with full force and having my own movie production company.

Before shooting a movie role, how do you prepare yourself to take on the character, especially those tedious types?

Acting is more of a passion for me. So, when I get a role I like, I’d have to prepare my mind to fit into the role properly, even if it calls for me to research the proper way that particular role I am taking should behave, I will. I love my job, so I do my best to deliver top-notch.

We hear some Nollywood practitioners are diabolical, how true?

It is true. I think that has to do with people’s beliefs. Although, diabolism is practiced in every sector of life not only in the movie industry.

Looking back at your life and career, what do you think you did wrong that you would like to make right if given the opportunity?

Nothing my darling, I don’t like regretting, even if I didn’t do it right, I will learn from it.

There are speculations that some upcoming actresses offer producers sex for movie roles. As a filmmaker how would you react to that?

This is a very wrong assumption because most men even after having sex with them will still not give them the role. So, sex is not the major thing. You need to know how to act first because sex is something that most men can get anywhere with their money. Most of these male producers don’t joke with their businesses. Movie production is a serious business. Someone is investing a chunk of his money in it and he is expecting to get his returns, so sex cannot do the job. I believe roles are given by merit, except for those who don’t know that what they are doing is business.

What should fans expect from Crowncy this year?

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