Mixed reactions as Pastor Enenche accuses church member of false testimony

15th April 2024


Nigerians have called on the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja, Paul Enenche, to apologise to a member of his church who was publicly embarrassed and accused of dishonesty during a testimony session.

A video that went viral on Sunday showed Enenche questioning the credibility of the woman’s testimony at his church in Abuja.

The woman, Anyim Vera, who claimed to have graduated with a “Bsc in Law” from the National Open University of Nigeria, was interrupted by Enenche, who accused her of lying.

He told her she didn’t sound like a Law graduate, going by how she spoke. He also told her that there is nothing like a “Bsc in Law” and demanded that she leave the pulpit .

Following the incident, netizens have discovered the woman’s Facebook page and photos confirming she graduated from NOUN.

Also, a list of graduates who participated in the convocation on Saturday, April 13, included the lady’s name.

She was listed to have graduated with LLB Law.

The video has ignited varied reactions on social media, with some calling on Enenche to apologise for his actions, while others defend his stance.

Some argue that the woman’s lack of eloquence may have caused the misunderstanding, while others believe that Enenche’s approach was harsh.

An X user, Soulmedika, wrote, “The only thing Pastor Paul Enenche needs to do to that woman is apologise and it should be profuse! All the excuse of ‘it’s not the Pastor’s fault, the woman should have been able to articulate the name of her degree’ is lame! Ye, all should stop acting like Christianity is a cult!”

iredafeowolabi wrote, “Being a law graduate does not mean you must be eloquent. She went through the programme to become a better person in the way she thinks and processes information.”

Naturalboifilmz wrote, “There’s a more constructive way to address this situation, even if she lied. The pastor’s attitude was overly condescending. It’s so unfair.”

“Same thing I told my mum after seeing the video on IG. She isn’t too good with English, but you could tell from the shock on her face that she meant what she said even though she couldn’t defend it,” FavourDiamen added.

AdvebturousAlec wrote, “The pastor is not wrong and the woman is not wrong either, she made a mistake after my realisation.There’s nothing like a BSc in Law but LLB in Law, which is a Bachelor of Law. Paul Enenche replied to her based on her response,’Bsc’ not because he saw a valid proof of evidence. She brought it on herself, but as a pastor, he would love to maintain the peace.”

“If you know you have stage fright and you can’t make a good sentence in English, why not write down your testimony for them to read it at the altar? That’s why that option is there. Don’t come and disgrace the church, especially when you know it’s an international church,” reallknoxy wrote.


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