Nasarawa PDP group demands national chairman position

10th April 2024

In a bold move echoing their demand for recognition within the political landscape, Nasarawa State’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stakeholders are pressing for the coveted national chairmanship position of the party.

In a statement signed by Mustapha Ibrahim Umaisha and sent to reporters on Tuesday, concerned stakeholders emphasized the overdue need for Nasarawa’s representation at the national level, citing the absence of the state’s leadership in the PDP’s top echelons as not plausible.

“In the spirit of inclusivity, it is time for Nasarawa to be at the forefront of the PDP’s leadership, a position we hardly enjoy” stated Ibrahim Umaisha, underscoring the state’s longstanding dedication to the party’s cause.

The group lamented the situation in 2023 prior to the election when Nasarawa’s only advisory position within the party, BOT Chairman, held by elder statesman Sen. Walid Jibrin was relinquished amidst an internal disagreement. This selflessness should be compensated by our party members nationwide after all, we played our part as loyal party members. They contrasted Nasarawa’s lack of representation with neighbouring states like Benue, which had enjoyed the chairmanship position thrice, Kwara, Kogi and Plateau states in the North Central have once taken that slot each and even at that, all positions zoned to the North Central have always been taken by our brothers in Niger, Benue, Kwara among others and we have been very happy for them.

“It is imperative to acknowledge Nasarawa’s loyalty to both national and state politics,” asserted the group, highlighting the state’s significant role and gains in recent electoral contests which produced a senator and half of the state legislators, and even went ahead to win the gubernatorial contest but was denied by the courts and not the people. We need encouragement.”

The group argued that the state showcases qualified and distinguished individuals as potential candidates for the national chairmanship position, but would rather its last gubernatorial candidate, Dr. David Emmanuel Ombugadu, described as a dynamic and impactful leader and his
track record speaks volumes about his ability to drive positive change within our party,” remarked Mr
Umaisha who added that Hon. Dr. David Ombugadu is a widely popular figure with local and national acclaim.

“David Ombugadu embodies the essence of effective leadership, garnering admiration and respect beyond Nigeria’s borders,” affirmed Ibrahim, emphasizing Ombugadu as a mobiliser, community organiser, and a development expert, attributes which can greatly impact the party’s fortunes.

Adding his voice, Engr KB Mohammed from Keffi asserted that anything short of considering the state for a leadership position at the national level would be injustice.

“It is imperative that Nasarawa’s contributions and potential are recognized within the party’s leadership structure,” Mohammed said, echoing the sentiments of other members of the group.

Daily Sun reports that as the clamour for representation grows louder, all eyes are on the PDP caucus to heed the call for inclusivity and fairness within the party’s ranks, and Ombugadu is the answer.”


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