‘I just killed my son’, US dad confesses on camera

‘I just killed my son’, US dad confesses on camera

A 52-year-old Florida man, David Contreras has killed his own son.

A doorbell footage shows him breaking down while talking to his wife about what just happened — while, in police bodycam video, he says, “I just killed my son.”

The first of the two video clips shows David speaking with his wife over a doorbell camera, moments after Eric was allegedly shot.

“Hello, hello! David, talk to me!” she exclaims, as he comes out of the house and begins to speak directly into the camera. “Is he alive? Is he breathing?” she asks.

“No. He’s not breathing, he’s dead,” Conteras tells her, as she asks “Why?”

“The fighting on the way home was unbearable,” he says, before detailing the issues he had with his son’s social plans. “It’s not your fault,” he tells his wife, before telling her to call his brother and breaking down in tears.

David Conteras, 52, is currently facing a second-degree murder charge after — according to an arrest report — he shot 21-year-old son Eric Conteras in their Kendall home back in November 2023.

At the time, he pleaded not guilty.


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