Timaya recounts experience with drug addiction

Popular Nigerian singer, Inetimi Alfred Timaya Odon, better known as Timaya, has recounted his experience taking drugs, noting that he used drugs for a period and that the substance temporarily robbed him of his original self.

Timaya revealed this while featuring on Beat FM, stating that his ordeal started after he visited some of his young friends and saw the excitement in them.
The singer disclosed that when he asked for the reason behind their happiness, they gave him a drug called ‘molly’.

Timaya, who hails from Bayelsa State declared that it made him happy too, but while he was buying happiness which was supposed to come from within, he stopped eating.

The dancehall artist disclosed that he was introduced to Molly by some young guys during the COVID-19 lockdown.

He noted that the need to be happy always made him to be dependent on drugs.

He said, “I am not a saint. “I have done drugs, and it was a hell breaking from it. It was a tough fight, I went to this young guy’s home, and everybody was happy.

“I got introduced to drugs during the COVID-19 lockdown, 2020. Everybody was home and there are those young guys in my house who are always so happy. And I was like, ‘Bro, how are you guys happier than me, I am the boss I got money? What are you guys on?’ And they told me that they got molly.

“When I took it, I did not understand myself. I was happy, so happy that I dashed all the money in my pocket. So I wanted to just keep feeling like that.

“That was how I lost a lot of weight. I was not eating, I was just happy? How you go just want dey happy? You are supposed to first of all, be happy naturally. But when you now need substance to make you happy, it replaces the natural happiness. So you have to be buying happiness.

“When I said I was taking molly, I was taking like three pills everyday and it felt like medication (laughs)”


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