Author of ” The Village Headmaster” dies at 94

"The Village Headmaster"

Renowned author and academic, Prof Anezionwu Okoro, has passed away at the age of 94.

According to Vanguard, his son, Chukwuma Aneziokoro, confirmed the news, stating that his father peacefully passed away in his sleep at his Enugu residence in the early hours of Saturday.

Chukwuma described his father as a great man, caring father, and husband, and expressed deep sorrow at his passing.

”He had been sick for some time. But he died peacefully around 4 a.m. He was a great man, caring father and husband. I will sorely miss him,” he said.

Born on May17,1929, Anezi Okoro was a prolific writer with a diverse range of works spanning fiction, medicine, health, environmental sciences, and ecology.

Some of his notable works include ‘One Week One Trouble’, ‘The Village School’, and ‘The Village Headmaster’. Additionally, he was known for his extensive collection of over200 poems.

Notably, his recent publication involved the translation of10 of Shakespeare’s tales into the Igbo language, titled `Akuko Ufodu Shakespeare Koro’, a project he collaborated on with author Mrs. Nwobiara Chukwura.

The passing of Prof Anezionwu Okoro marks the end of an era for the literary and academic community, leaving behind a legacy of impactful contributions to literature and education.


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