Take adequate water to maintain healthy kidneys, experts tell Nigerians

A Consultant Physician at College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Prof. Fatai Fehintola, has urged Nigerians to maintain healthy kidneys by constantly taking water and fluid, especially during hot weather.

Fehintola gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Ibadan.

He explained that inadequate water in the body could cause dehydration, as people would easily be tired and sometimes might feel a bit uncomfortable and irritable.

The consultant physician suggested the intake of a cup of water, 200 to 250 millilitres an hour, and two hours intervals, depending on how an individual feels and the environment he/she lives in.

He said hot weather could affect proper functioning of the body, as people lose lots of water and some salt in such weather circumstances.

According to him, when water is not enough, the body cells begin to malfunction, while the organs also do extra work to ensure the proper amount of water in the body.

Fehintola emphasised that lots of water could be lost due to heat and sweating, as the kidney which filtered waste from the body continues to regulate the amount of water in the body.

He said “most people will observe that their urine looks concentrated, close to brown, beyond the usual colour, this is because the kidneys are trying to conserve the remaining water in the body.

“People might be passing urine less frequently, so to help the normal body functions, one should ensure to replace the water being lost due to heat.

“Also, taking some fruits that have elements of water such as watermelon, orange, can help,” he said.

Another Consultant Physician at UI and UCH, Ibadan, Dr Yemi Raji, said that excessive heat has affected global temperature and depleted the ozone layer, with consequences on people’s health.

The consultant physician said one of the main problems that might be associated with excessive heat is heat stroke, where the individual becomes dehydrated and tired.

He emphasised that the situation is common among the elderly.

Raji, also a nephrologist, explained that the situation, if not well taken care of, could lead to shutting down of body organs, one of which is the kidney.

He said “if the kidney lacks water, it can shut down and if nothing is done on time, it can lead to kidney failure.

“Heat stroke can also affect various metabolic processes in the body.”

For the prevention of heat stroke, the nephrologist advised that people should always stay indoors, except when necessary for them to go out.

He suggested an appropriate cooling system when indoors, emphasising that “people must take a lot of water so that their organs, particularly the kidney, will be hydrated to reduce risk of kidney failure.

“The dusty, hot weather has a lot of impact on people’s health, especially the allergic ones, so people who have asthma may experience more attacks.

“People should use their face masks to prevent dust and viral infections when going out,” he said.


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