Kent woman blames hospital care for son’s stillbirth

A grieving mother has said her baby could be alive if she had been admitted to hospital when she raised concerns about complications during her pregnancy.

Kristina and Lee Pepper’s son was stillborn at Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham.

“There has to be somebody held accountable,” Ms Pepper said.

The Medway NHS Foundation Trust has apologised and carried out an investigation.

On 7 October, Ms Pepper, from Sheerness, called the hospital after losing fluid, and was considered a high-risk pregnancy.

She rang again two days later when she could not feel the baby moving, and was told to go immediately to the hospital, where the baby was stillborn.

Ms Pepper said she wanted the hospital and its staff to be held accountable.

“A life could have been saved,” she said.

“It was supposed to be our first Christmas with a miracle. But it has been our worst nightmare.

“It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t get easier. If anything it is harder as it is another day we’ve not had our son.”

Mr Pepper added: “That’s what a hospital is all about – saving lives.”

Sarah Vaux, interim chief nursing officer, said the trust would offer its support to the couple “for as long as they need it”.

“We offer our deepest condolences to Mr and Ms Pepper for the devastating loss of their baby, and we are deeply sorry for the distress they are experiencing,” she said.

“We carried out an extensive investigation to help answer the family’s questions and to identify and implement improvements to the service, and the findings were recently shared with them.”


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