How Jailed Nigerian Caregivers Maltreated, Abused 89-Year-Old Grandma In UK

A video of how Nigerian carers Ame Tunkara, 33, Morounranti Adefila, 43, Danny Ohen, 39, and Bridget Aideyan, 49, who were sentenced to prison in December 2023 for physical abuse of an 89-year-old elderly patient suffering from dementia have surfaced online.

In February 2020, the woman’s family had secretly installed a camera and recorded footage over four days after noticing bruising on her arm.

It showed the woman being handled roughly, hit with a pillow, and treated with a lack of dignity and respect.

The woman meanwhile sadly passed away in October with a police official saying “she should not have spent any of her remaining years suffering such ill-treatment.”

The footage, which was captured for over four days showed the caregivers rough handling the 89-year-old elderly patient.

The grandchildren of the patient took the video evidence to the care home managers, the Care Quality Commission, and the West Midlands Police.

While Ame Tunkara and Morountaro Adefila were found guilty of ill-treatment and wilful neglect and sentenced on December 8 to four months in prison, Danny Ohen and Bridget Aideyan were also found guilty of the same offences and sentenced to six months and four months, respectively, on November 14.


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