Pastor Obaseki defends Joshua, says BBC exposé “satanic mission” to pull down SCOAN

The Senior Pastor of Divine Grace of Glory Church International, Benin, Pastor Peter Obaseki, has said that the various allegations leveled against the late founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet TB Joshua, by former disciples, and aired by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in a recent documentary, is a “satanic mission” designed to pull down his church.

Pastor Obaseki made the remark in Benin while speaking on the BBC documentary.

Pastor Obaseki said he had known the late Joshua for 15 years and has been in and out of the church, and can can categorically say that the allegations are baseless, aimed at pulling down his church.

“Prophet TB Joshua has been my mentor since about 15 years and I go to Synagogue church regularly for prayers,” Pastor Obaseki stated.

“There is barely nowhere I have never entered in the church and I have never seen anything that is ungodly in SCOAN.

“So, the allegations going on against SCOAN about prophet TB Joshua is just to bring down the ministry.

“Prophet TB Joshua has been a great man of God that the whole world knows. God used him to do great works when he was alive and many lives are affected.

“Remember that satan is not always happy when he sees the glory of God shinning. Seeing the anointing, power of God upon prophet TB Joshua, pulling down the strongholds of the kingdom of darkness, satan will will never be happy, definitely, he will enter different persons to blackmail the ministry so that the ministry will come down but If the ministry was actually full of dirty things, sins, adultery, fornication as those ex-disciples are trying to say, the ministry will not manifest the glory of God. It will not. It is satan doing what is doing by using those ex-disciples to try to pull down the glory of God.

“Can anyone pull down the glory of God? Jesus says, I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail

“So, my take on this, is, it is satanic mission against the SCOAN to pull down the SCOAN and you can see the glory of God growing stronger since God called prophet TB Joshua home. If the foundation of SCOAN is not of God, the church would have died before now”, Pastor Obaseki said.

Pastor Obaseki who said that he will not advice the church to sue BBC for the documentary aired, said vengeance should be left to God, though his persecution didn’t just start today”, Pastor Obaseki said.

“Well, Most times, we allow God to do His work. I don’t advice Synagogue Church of All Nation or the leader, Pastor Evelyn Joshua to sue BBC, no.

“They should not do that. They should allow God to intervene over the matter. BBC, they are doing their work. BBC was on their own when the ex-disciples went to meet them.

“So, the judgment goes to the ex-disciples and not even BBC. So, BBC are doing their business to make their money.

” So, I don’t advice the church to sue BBC and I even know that mummy Evelyn Joshua will never sue BBC because the SCOAN does not operate that way. Yes, and God Almighty knows what to do over the matter. These people who are making these confessions, just watch out, after some time, they will go back to the church to confess and ask for forgiveness. It has happened over the years. So, needless of suing BBC,” Pastor Obaseki said.

He claimed that there are group of persons working against the interest of the church even when he was alive.

“Yes, there are group of persons working against the interest of the ministry of prophet TB Joshua church.

“It didn’t just start now even when he was alive, they were working against him, to ensure that he goes down. And this began when the glory of God started to reign in his ministry.

“When he just started his ministry, there was nothing like this. It was when signs and wonders began to take place that is when the blackmailing started.

“When his ministry was now acceptable by the international bodies, people from across Nigeria, seen different people coming to worship in his school and receiving their healings, deliverance, this scandal started.

“That is just it. It is just to pull down the Synagogue Church of All Nations but it is of God, it can never go down.

He also advised the members of the church to remain focused and not to be distracted as all these will soon be a thing of the past.

“My advice for Synagogue Church of All Nations which is also my church, is, they should remain focus because all these happening is to distract the church.

“So, the church must remain on the divine assignments committed into her by God.

“The church was not ordained by man but by God. So, they should never loss focus on God. Other anointed men of God, they face this kind of thing too,” Pastor Obaseki added.


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