Nasarawa’s entertainment industry takes centre stage

In a recent familiarisation visit on Saturday to Abdulamart Maikwashewa, Chairman and CEO of Abnur Entertainment, stakeholders in Nasarawa State’s entertainment industry, led by media/entertainment entrepreneur Ibrahim Ibrahim, highlighted the untapped potential of Nasarawa’s creative resources.

Ibrahim emphasized the need for a holistic approach, envisioning Nasarawa as the next hub for the nation’s entertainment industry.

Ibrahim stressed the importance of Nasarawa’s proximity to the nation’s capital, seeing it as an opportunity to propel the state into the limelight. He underscored the potential of the entertainment industry, not only as a cultural expression but as a means to address youth unemployment, create opportunities, and generate revenue for the state.

Abdulamart expressing his longstanding interest in investing in Nasarawa, acknowledged the determination of local stakeholders. He urged the government to provide a level playing field for young talents and organizations willing to contribute intellectually, creatively, and economically to make Nasarawa a multi-faceted industrial hub, particularly in entertainment.

Maikwashewa announced Abnur Entertainment’s commitment to producing six movies and television series in Nasarawa State starting from January 20th. He sees this initiative as an avenue for youths to learn and earn in various aspects of filmmaking, from directing to cinematography.

The stakeholders’ commitment gained further momentum with a visit to Tambari TV, a Kano-based television station, seeking a partnership for content production and airing. These strategic moves have captured the attention of Netflix, promising to provide a platform for streaming Nasarawa’s content globally, aligning with the goal of promoting local content production.

Sun gathered that the growing recognition of Nasarawa’s entertainment industry is seen as a significant milestone, with the potential to contribute significantly to national development. Recent statistics show that the sector, already employing over 1.4 million people across Nigeria, has the potential to surpass the telecommunications and information sector’s contribution by reaching 15% in 2025.

As Nasarawa State positions itself as a thriving hub for the entertainment industry, the efforts of entrepreneurs like Yarwa Multimedia, which recently premiered the blockbuster “Matakin Rayuwa” (“The Stage of Life”), reflect a commitment to youth empowerment and business-friendly initiatives. The film garnered attention from enthusiasts, government officials, and industry professionals, signaling a positive trajectory for Nasarawa’s film-making scene

Nasarawa’s foray into the entertainment sector serves as a proverbial trigger for robust public-private sector participation, fostering an environment conducive to the overall development of the Nigerian economic space.


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