Lagosians protest house rent hike

Some Lagosians on Monday stormed the streets of Islands to register their displeasure about exorbitant increase in house rent.

In a video going viral on social media, the protesters came out in their numbers shouting in Yoruba, “Ita la wayi, e je ka jade, owo ile ti wonju. Odi dandan, mekunu gbodo gbe ile” meaning, we are in the streets protesting the high cost of house rent. House rent is too expensive and it is compulsory for the poor masses to have shelter.

Also, they held a large banner with an inscription ‘January 24, Lagosians Walk for House Rent Relief’.

Investigation revealed that house rent increased exorbitantly since early 2023 and keep soaring on daily basis.

Some landlord attributed the hike to the cost of building materials and the inflation in the country.

For instance a bag of cement that was sold for about N2,500 could only be bought for N5,300, a tipper of sands that was sold for N20,000 has also jumped to N150,000, granite also moved from N80,000 to N400,000 and bundle of zinc that was formerly sold for N10,000 could only be bought for at least N45,000 today.

This incident sparked reactions from social media users with some blaming it on the leaders wrongly voted in position of trust.

One social media user, @tomi_waziri, wrote, “That’s what happened when you vote wrong people.”

Backing the protest, @juniorIsama, said, “Omo d cost really needs to come down.”

@patienceEniola, who noted that this issue happens in every sate, adding that they should not blame it on government alone but individuals, saying that, “There’s No State or Country that doesn’t have bad Govt, home and abroad. The issue most time isn’t the Govt but our greedy selves.”

Also, @meetsunshinemay, while attributing the situation to the President, said, “But they said Tinubu who built Lagos will build Nigeria na.”

Another social media user @thebeards_guy, however, noted that the country still pay cheaper rent than other nation, he wrote, “Nigeria still pay the cheapest rent in Africa I swear, in Ivory Coast your 1 year rent is 1 month rent there, and if you convert the CFA to Naira then is would be more 

Noting it looks funny but it is not @Uzorchukeu, wrote, “This looks like a joke, but it is not. Nigeria is really hard, privilege blinds and it is in the nature of privilege to blind, if you’re not from a stable family, you’ll not understand the struggle common Nigerian face. I hope we pass through.”

While describing the hardship in the economy as the cause of increase in house rent, @Honimz, wrote”Is it only house rent? Economy is affecting landlord and he’s using what he has to get what he wants.”

@thefilmbox1, wrote, “Lagosians enabled this.When Ola of Lagos and the likes were using space to skyrocket the value of real estate, everybody was laughing, now it’s backfiring.”

@Im_GoingNorth urged the goverment to double their investments on real estate saying that , “Govt need to urgently increase their investment in low cost housing to crash the extortion.”


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