Nasarawa State Youth Coalition Urges Supreme Court to Uphold Democratic Will

In a press conference held on Saturday, the Nasarawa State Youth Coalition expressed their concerns and hopes regarding the impending Supreme Court judgment on the gubernatorial election petition from March 18, 2023. Representatives from various parts of the state gathered to address the press.

Barr. Iliya Ashokpa Auna, speaking on behalf of the coalition, outlined the events surrounding the election, emphasizing the peaceful democratic process that took place. He stated, “While the majority believed in Hon. David Emmanuel Ombugadu, the declared winner was Engr. Audu Sule of the APC, leading to widespread peaceful protests across the state.”

Highlighting the relief brought by the election tribunal’s decision in favor of Hon. David Emmanuel Ombugadu, Barr. Iliya Ashokpa Auna lamented the subsequent overturning of the decision by the Court of Appeal based on technicalities. He expressed concern about individuals attempting to manipulate the judicial system for personal gain.

“We stand before the Supreme Court, the final arbiter, that will restore hope in democracy nationally and in the minds of the masses of Nasarawa State,” Barr. Iliya Ashokpa Auna affirmed. The coalition conveyed awareness of external pressures on the judiciary and called for justice to prevail over personal interests.

The press conference also addressed the plight of women in the state, stating, “Our mothers and wives have been protesting for months to demand security in their farms and homes. Despite derogatory names thrown at them, we believe their legitimate concerns will be addressed.”

Expressing faith in the Supreme Court, Barr. Iliya Ashokpa said, “We have faith in the Supreme Court to deliver their judgment based on what will reshape our democracy and nation under the renewed hope agenda.”

The Nasarawa State Youth Coalition called on all Nigerians to join them in prayers for justice, peace in the nation, and unity in communities. The press conference concluded with a united belief that justice will prevail and the true will of the people upheld.

“We stand united in our belief that justice will prevail, and that the true will of the people is upheld in tune with the renewed hope mantra of Mr. President,” Barr. Iliya Ashokpa Auna emphasized.


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