Nigerian digital entreprenuers to look out for in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria’s digital sphere, a new generation of digital entrepreneurs is emerging as pioneers, shaping the future of technology and innovation in the country. These entrepreneurs make a living and advance humanity with digital platforms. These visionaries, armed with innovative ideas and a relentless drive, turn challenges into opportunities, bringing about transformative change across various sectors.

In 2024, here’s a glimpse of the digital entrepreneurs who are poised to make waves and capture our attention:

Hauwa Lawal: Hauwa is an accomplished digital content professional with a keen eye for comedy and passionate abilities in scriptwriting, brand marketing, content production, and copywriting. She uses narrative techniques to craft women-focused tales that enlighten my audience about the challenges faced by typical Nigerian women.

Aproko Doctor: Dr Chinonso Egemba decided in 2015 to use storytelling as a tool to assist the typical African in making better decisions. He offers practical ideas and approachable medical advice for promoting healthcare daily. With the use of social media and years of medical practice, the Aproko Doctor brand promotes health awareness.

Pleasant Balogun: Pleasant sold his software, Scrim, to the fintech company Chimoney in 2023. Pleasant Balogun, the company’s CEO and CTO, is the brains behind Scrim. At 17, Pleasant launched Scrim, including modern aspects into the App’s design, promotion, and marketing. With Scrim by Chimoney, you may send money to anybody in the globe by only providing their phone number or email address.

Anthony Azekwoh: Anthony is a Nigerian writer and modern artist based in Lagos. He uses African folklore and mythology as the main subjects of his work; he employs these themes and characters to narrate tales of his nation’s evolution and development. His most recent exhibition, “There is A Country,” uses paintings and sculptures as an artistic response to the social, political, and economic disarray that permeates Nigeria.

Bola Olaniyan: a fashion fanatic who works in a variety of creative capacities. Along with many other industry titans, he has collaborated with Nike, Streetsouk, Ashluxe, Mejimeji, Teezee, and many more. His voyage began in late 2021. In 2023, he introduced the fashion label “bolapsd forever,” and he held two successful pop-up tours in Lagos and Toronto, as well as one in Abuja.

Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu: With over 30 years of varied experience, Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu has worked in both the public and commercial sectors in business solution architecture, design and software development, marketing communications, digital design, strategy, and change/transformation. He is supporting Tech-savvy Kids, a STEM education platform for kids, as part of his dedication to financial literacy.

Layi Wasabi: His witty comedy originated from his close observations of attorneys on the courthouse grounds, which enabled him to imagine and depict their routines with a lighthearted touch. The funny lawyer who has been a hit in Nigerian comedies was discovered in the Ministry of Justice in Ibadan, where there were plenty of other funny lawyers. His witty stuff originated from his close observations of attorneys on the courthouse grounds, which enabled him to imagine and depict their routines with a lighthearted touch.

Bukky Asehinde: Bukky is the founder of CareerHubAfrica, a platform that connects young professionals with career opportunities. She has been recognized for her contributions to youth empowerment


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