Husband hails wife who cooks 4:30am after NNPCL, Infinix gifts

Husband hails wife who cooks 4:30am after NNPCL, Infinix gifts

Abiola Adebisi, the husband of Deborah Loveth, popularly known as ‘Debbie,’ has expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support and donations they have received from Nigerians on social media.

The couple gained attention after Debbie shared how she wakes up at 4:50 am to cook for her husband, sparking both criticism and admiration.

Since then, numerous individuals have come forward to donate money and various items to Debbie and her husband.

The donations received so far include over 2 million Naira in cash, two new Infinix smartphones, new furniture, and a voucher from a NNPCL.

After her tweet went viral, the NNPC joined other lists of donors offering her a voucher donation redeemable at any retail station in the country.

The tweet reads: “Hello @_Debbie_OA, we love your amazing love story, and we would like to gift you a free ₦200,000 PMS voucher redeemable at any of our 900+ retail stations nationwide.

“This will ensure that Mummy Zee has #EnergyforToday and #EnergyforTomorrow. We have just followed you. Please check your DM. Best wishes.”

In a heartwarming gesture, Infinix Nigeria also offered its newest smartphone, the Infinix Hot40, to the Nigerian lady who faced criticism for waking up at4.50am daily to cook for her husband.

The smartphone company made the announcement via a tweet on its official handle, expressing their admiration for the woman, identified as #_Debbie_OA, who currently uses one of their phones.

The tweet read, “Hi, #_Debbie_OA, we love that you use one of our phones currently. With that in mind, we would love you to experience the features of our latest device: The Infinix Hot40. How does that sound?”

Overwhelmed by the offer, #_Debbie_OA responded to the tweet, saying, “Dear #InfinixNigeria, hope it’s for me and my husband?”

Taking to his X account on Saturday, Abiola expressed his deep appreciation for his wife, referring to her as a blessing in his life.

He wrote, “I bless the day I met this woman.”He described Debbie as a prayer warrior, stating, “She can prayyyyy. My god in human form.”

The couple’s story has captivated the hearts of many, with Debbie’s dedication and commitment to her husband resonating with some individuals.

While the controversy surrounding her early morning cooking routine continues, the outpouring of support from Nigerians highlights the impact their story has had on the public.

Debbie’s husband’s heartfelt words and the generous donations they have received serve as a testament to the power of love and the unity of communities in times of both praise and criticism.


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