Ogun teen delivers for brother amid sexual abuse from father

Lady has reportedly gave birth for her brother after years of sexual assault from both him and her father

This was revealed in an interview with Oriyomi Hamzat official video, an Ibadan-based broadcaster.

The lady who claimed that it was her brother that deflowered said she had sexual intercourse with any man outside except her father and brother.

The 17-yeard old lady alleged that her brother has been sleeping with her since she attained 11 years of age.

She then pointed out that both of them knew they were having an affair with her.

When asked how it happened the father who identified himself as Michael Ayinde claimed that he only slept with her daughter once adding that he was drunk on the day incident occurred, while blaming the devil for the barbaric act.

Ayinde who hails from Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State but resides in Ibadan, Oyo State, noted that he had four children from her divorced wife in which the girl in question is the third child.

The 52-year old man disclosed that his wife divorced him about 16 years ago, adding that since then he had not remarry because of his financial status.

Ayinde who works in bakery said, “In 2021 I got to Ibadanm. I used to drink alcohol very well. I was sleeping in bakery where I work before I gathered money to rent a room apartment.

“My two sons are living in Lagos. My daughter and this elder brother came to join in Ibadan, I think it was when they had clash with their mother.

On how he had sex with her daughter, Ayinde said, “Before God and man I won’t lie. It happened when I was still drinking alcohol. That day I was heavily drunk and I met her sleeping without clothes. That was how I was lured to do it. It was devil’s work. When she started beating me after the act I had to begged her.”

He claimed that he only slept with the daughter once and since then he had not done it again.

While reacting to his father’s claim, the daughter argued that her father slept with her four times.

She said, “It is a lie. He had sex with me four times. The first time was in the former bakery where he worked. It was my brother that caught him red handed that day. Since then he has been doing that nonsense to me. He lied that I didn’t wear clothes. I always wear clothes to bed. He used force to pulled off my clothes and slept me. Because of that most times I had to lie awake. I won’t sleep till day break because of fear that he might climb me when I was asleep.”

Asked if her father knew the son was having sex with her, she said they were both aware as three of them live in one room apartment.

Her brother denied the allegation saying that he did not know his father was sleeping with her.

He said, “I didn’t know my father was sleeping with my sister. I heard it for the first time.”

On who owns the child the lady was carrying, he denied that he was not the one that impregnated her while claiming that he actually slept with her once.

“I didn’t know my father had sex with my sister. I just heard it now. When we came from Lagos to stay with our mother in Academy in Ibadan I slept her once. It was my friend that cause that day. Though I was not the one that deflowered her.

But he later confessed, “I had slept with her up to four or five times.”

Narrating how it happened, the lady said her brother is the owner of the child, “No other man had slept with me except my brother and my father. He is the owner of the child I’m carrying. He has slept with me up to four or five times. He was the one that deflowered me.”


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