Experts warn against antibiotics misuse in animals

Plateau State Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Sipak Shase-et, says that antibiotics misuse in animals is detrimental to humans as it causes antibiotics resistance.

Shase-et stated this at the 2023 World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness week, with the theme “Preventing AMR together”.

The CVO explained that when animals were administered antimicrobial (drugs), there was a withdrawal period in which humans were not meant to consume their produce, till the withdrawal period elapsed.

He, however, said most livestock farmers in the underdeveloped world failed to adhere to this.
Shase-et said when such animal produce was consumed before the expiration of the withdrawal period, it contained traces of the antibiotics which then built resistance.

“The failure to adhere to the withdrawal period breeds resistance, as the animal produce consumed has traces of the antibiotics. This then builds antibiotics resistance in the individual who consumed the produce.

“You would discover that when the individual is administered that particular antibiotic, the drug wouldn’t work as it has built resistance in the individual’s system. The Individual would have to be given higher antibiotics to get treated,” he said.

The CVO  called on stakeholders, especially livestock farmers, to ensure they desist from the abuse and misuse of antimicrobials.

Similarly, the State Coordinator from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Safety, Plateau State GreenHouse,  Dr Steve Dowoh, attributed the rise in antimicrobial (drug) resistance to its use without prescription from a professional.
He said the essence of the awareness was to reduce the emergence and spread of drug resistant infections and to promote best practices among stakeholders.

A  poultry farmer, Mrs Nanji Gambo-Oke, commended the organisers of the event.
She said the information obtained would enable her to become a better farmer who ensured that the produce from her birds were wholesome and not in any way detrimental to humans.

The event was organised by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, in collaboration with other developmental partners in the health sector.


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