Foods That Are Harmful To Children

18th April 2023

It’s only natural for a parent to want their kids to enjoy whatever they eat. However, it has been discovered that many children are exposed to harmful sugars while they’re still too young for it. As a result, the child’s taste bud sensitivity reduces making normal food less appealing to them. These types of foods are not right for kids because of their bodies’ physiological characteristics.

Here are some foods that are harmful to children:

Hot dogs

Hot dogs may be very delicious but such highly-processed meats contain nitrates that increase the risk of cancers. Consuming plenty of such red and processed meat is linked with diabetes, coronary heart disease and even strokes. Hot dogs are so high in saturated fats and sodium and the worst part is that they are normally served with a white bun. This white bun is made up of processed floor and lots of other additives that make it lack fiber and other useful nutrients that the kids need in their bodies.


Children love drinking juices regardless of their ages. After all, a glass of juice is tasty and refreshing. They come in these bright and attractive packaging. However, they are harmful to children because just a single glass could contain between five to six teaspoons of sugar. This sugar is very quickly absorbed into their bloodstream and affects their metabolism, especially when it comes to carbohydrates.


Cereals are very popular in many households that have children. They seem healthy and many cereal commercials portray them as such. While the cereal companies claim that their product is rich in minerals and vitamins, this is not the case. These cereals are packed with lots of sugars. The healthy elements of wheat, corn, and oats are removed during the production stage leaving only the carbohydrates. As a result, the children who eat them are never truly full. They start to feel hungry shortly after.


Fruit snacks

It’s very easy to believe that fruit snacks are great for children because of their names. However, just because they incorporate the word fruit doesn’t make them a healthy choice. In most cases, fruit snacks are loaded with sugar, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial colors and really have no fruit. These fruit snacks can also stick to children’s teeth and cause dental problems like dental caries as well. So, it’s better to just stick to real fruits.

Chicken nuggets or fingers

These are usually readily available in most restaurants as part of the kids’ menus. However, they are very unhealthy for children because of the types of ingredients in them. The ones from popular fast-food chains are made from twenty or more ingredients. They are also fried in oils that contain several different additives such as dimethylpolysiloxane which are not good for your children’s health.


Grapes may be rich in vitamins and minerals that are useful to the body but young children should not eat them. This is because they’re slippery and could lead to choking. It’s also hard on the children’s digestive tract.

Before you reach out for these whenever your children need a snack, think twice. Tasty might not necessarily be healthy.


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