Work-life balance, healthy lifestyle can prevent burnout, experts say

17th April 2023


By Anthony Ademiluyi

Medical experts have advocated work-life balance, healthy diet and lifestyle changes for the effective management of burnout in

They also urged employees to always create time out of their busy schedules to take good care of their physical and mental health, so as to always stay fit and be alert.

Employers of labour were also advised by the experts to ensure that their staff effectively manages burnout, noting that is inevitable in any work environment.

A Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Consultant, Adura Odesanya, said that there are many causes of burnout, noting, however, that the one that stands out is that related to stress not properly managed at the workplace.

While speaking exclusively with PUNCH Healthwise, she explained that burnout is exhaustion of physical or emotional strength, or motivation, usually due to prolonged stress or frustration.

She said, “Stress already affects health. Burnout should be considered a level higher than stress, which will most likely affect both the mental and physical health of a worker. The mental effects include insomnia (lack of sleep) and sadness, which can lead to depression and more.

“One of the major impacts of burnout on physical health is high blood pressure, which can lead to stroke or heart disease. Stress can also lead to mindless snacking, weight gain and the body not working at its optimal capacity”.

Odesanya explained that burnout is caused by not managing stress well, adding that the unfortunate reality is that most people get stressed at work, and this is in addition to what they are going through in their personal lives.

She said identifying the stress factor was the first step to finding a solution, adding, “Then you can work on managing it to avoid leading to burnout.”

The fitness expert advised those she referred to as ‘time-starved’ professionals to always create time for their physical and mental health to avoid burnout.

She said, “You need to take steps to manage your stress and heavy workload. Don’t wait until you have a health scare before you take stress management seriously. Sleep more and work on your time and task management. This will help you to work smarter and effectively.

“Don’t do everything by yourself. Work with a team or delegate duties where you can. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes, or at least three times a week. Observe lunch break, even if it’s for 20 minutes. Where possible, set boundaries and don’t take your work home. Make time for your personal interests and hobbies”.

Odesanya implored employers to help their employees avoid burnout, adding, “Organisations have an important role to play for the overall wellbeing of their staff and for optimal productivity.


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