Food, environmental toxins affect fertility – Study

A study by Global Reproductive Health has said the removal of heavy metals in the body, which hinder fertility, is possible through Modern Mayr Detoxication.

A test conducted at the Genova Diagnostics Laboratory by Mr. Oluwole Ogunsola, Dr. Atinuke Adeyi and Prof. Oladapo Ashiru, titled, ‘Successful removal of heavy metals and environmental toxins using modern Mayr chelating detoxication in a patient: a model for pre-fertility treatment screening,’ explained that a bio-energetic test which reveals the types of heavy metals present in the patient’s body was conducted.

Ashiru in a chat with The PUNCH said, “The fact is that we now know from several studies that toxins in the environment like petrochemicals, in water, food and diet, air, and things we put on our body, have serious consequences on our reproductive capacity. At Medical Art Center, we have been able to devise a means to get rid of these toxins before natural conception, or assisted reproductive technology conception. Such treatment helps to improve pregnancy rate, miscarriage, and take home baby rate.”

According to the study, heavy metals once taken into the body are distributed in the blood and deposited in tissues and the contamination chain follows a cyclic order, from industry to the atmosphere, soil, water, and foods, then humans.

It said, “At Martlife Detox Clinic, a comprehensive treatment plan based on the Mayr method of detoxification designed for the removal of heavy metals is available. To begin with, a bio-energetic test that reveals the types of heavy metals present in the patient’s body is conducted. Thereafter, therapies targeted at extracting the heavy metals and neutralising their effect on the reproductive organs are commenced.”

The study revealed that patient A underwent a metal toxicity test using urine samples at Genova Diagnostics laboratory in the United States and afterwards underwent a bioenergetics test followed by a detoxification plan during the following month.

“We performed a repeat test after detoxication at the Genova Diagnostics laboratory to know the outcome of the detoxication. Results: Genova Diagnostics laboratory’s first metal toxicity test revealed significantly high values of copper, manganese, vanadium, rubidium, gadolinium, and cesium. It also revealed similar outcomes with the bioenergetics testing before the detoxication process began. The repeat test showed that the detoxication process was successful,” it said.

It stated that its findings concluded that the modern Mayr method effectively reduced toxic levels of heavy metals, saying the bioenergetics test, which is less invasive, cheaper, and faster than the urine test, could also be used to check for toxins in the body.


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