The only way to throw car snatchers out of business is to have a good and dependable car tracking system that cannot easily be compromised .

An Igbo adage says that when a bird learns to fly without perching, the shooter learns to shoot without aiming. It is no longer news that many cars with installed tracking systems get snatched and they remain permanently lost. The reason is not far-fetched as the car snatchers are equally knowledgeable of how to immediately disable any locally installed tracking devices. In view of this, Some Foreign technologies have finally landed to resolve this security quagmire.

The ICT unit of the Health Pilot Limited now has foreign-trained ICT experts who can install not-easy- to-be-disabled tracking devices in your car(s).

The advantages of our tracking devices are as follows:

  • It is not dependent on any GSM service hence it can perfectly work even if GLO,MTN,ETISALA,AIRTEL et cetera, services are not available or fluctuating
  • It can still work even if the car battery is removed. Note that many Car tracking devices in Nigeria are easily disabled once the car battery is either removed or the battery head socket is unplugged.
  • It will show you the location of your car at each point in time, whether snatched or not.
  • You can as well programme it such that your car can never cross a particular boundary whether snatched or not; and when you want to cross the boundary, you let our ICT unit know so they can reset it to allow you cross the boundary
  • With respect to number 4 above, it means that if you live in, let us say Lagos state ,you may set your car boundary as Lagos town or Lagos state hence your car whether snatched or not cannot go beyond Lagos town or Lagos state as the case may be. This is also optional
  • You can get all the conversations that take place inside your car whether snatched or not.
  • If the car is snatched, you will have software to monitor the movement of your car by yourself; the software will give you the street name, the nearest landmark and whether the car is parked in a compound, in the bush, on a tarred or un-tarred road and et cetera. Even if you don’t know the named street or the location of your snatched car, the Map aspect of the software will be activated to automatically take you to the location.
  • When your car is snatched, the onus lies on you to either use the police to arrest the snatchers and recover your car at their final/current destination/location respectively OR to stop and lock your car while the snatcher(s)  is/are still inside the car( though not recommended because the snatchers may break your  windscreen to escape, leaving your car behind with broken screens)
  • There are many other security features we may not share in public until our services are contracted.
  • We are so sure of our tracking devices that we can proudly and authoritatively state that If your car is snatched and we cannot track it and help you recover it within 24 hours then we legally owe you the duty of replacing the car for you.

For more enquiries, contact our ICT unit on:

Phone: 08155102623

Our ICT unit can install it for you in any state of the Federation .

……………Below is the Testimony of somebody whose car has our tracking device and it was recently snatched.

Help me thank God for the immediate recovery of our car.
My little cousin brother visited me on Monday(08/05/17) and on getting back to his house at Rumuodumaya Port Harcourt,he alighted to open his gate while his car was still on,somebody jumped inside his car and drove off…. When he realised what happened, he started pursuing the car, without raising any alarm.  The incident occurred at 7:43 pm . The car snatcher immediately joined the Airport road road and disappeared out of sight. My cousin called me immediately that his car was just snatched in front of his house. I immediately called Moscow road Police headquarters on 08032003514.

The abandoned car at the location when police arrived

They alerted all their men at different exit check points and Rumuokoro police patrol team 08033786051 under whose division the incident took place….I asked my cousin to meet me at the divisional police station as I drove down to Rumuodumaya police station to make an entry and they told me  that their control room at Moscow road  had informed them and they were investigating whether it was a case of car theft or car snatching. Since the car had a tracking device, we sent ‘STOP ENGINE’ to the number we used in installing the tracking system but it did not go through, after several attempts we simply jettisoned the idea because  car snatchers equally know how to disable any tracking system, though we later found out that it was due to poor network service of the GSM  company .

We called the company that installed the tracking system, they immediately stopped the car and they sent us the current location of the car which was  at Obi Wali road near Eckankar Port Harcourt. Before we got to the place the tracking company told us ,the car snatcher had disabled the tracker and drove off to a new  location  .At that point we were as confused as the tracking company. I heard there is a modern technology car snatchers now use to disable our locally made car tracking systems.

A screenshot of the software showing the location of the car(depicted as the red ballon)

However , about two weeks ago another of my cousin who did his masters in ICT in India came and was telling us about a particular SYSTEM   that could track down any car anywhere and that it could be installed in a car even if the car already has another tracking system.That the SYSTEM works independently of any  other tracking system. To me, that did not add up but this my cousin whose car was snatched luckily  gave it a trial hence the SYSTEM  was installed in his car. At this point,we called that our ICT cousin and intimated him of the latest development ,he laughed at us and informed us to relax he would send us a text message that would  take us to where the car was but before then ,he would stop the car and he boasted  that nobody could restart the car except him.I immediately reminded him of our experience with the Nigerian tracking company and how the car snatcher was also an expert in disabling all tracking systems,he simply laughed at me. He stopped the car as he boasted.

He told us the location( Eneka/Rumuonwha road .He went ahead to tell us it was parked on  an un-tarred road.  Few seconds he sent us a text message which when opened directed us to a map software .At that point I had to respect his own technology. By looking at the software we saw all the movements of the car,even when the car snatcher pushed it out of the Eneka-Rumuonwha road to Bunu street after the engine refused to turn again. We moved down with the police to the community but how to locate Bunu street was a difficult thing ,it was already around 11pm ,few people still awake in the community seemed not to know the Bunu street,after several trials it was clear to us that there was ‘nothing’ like Bunu street,after we  even agreed to pay keke people to take us to the place but no keke operator knew the street. At that point I called back my ICT cousin who did not know Port Harcourt well  and was then in Lagos,he told us not to worry .

The software automatically directing us to the location

He told us what to touch in the map software he had earlier sent to us ,that the software would automatically  take us where the car was abandoned  provided we would obey all the instructions. The policeman holding my phone pressed where we were asked to press, I wept  at the technology and for  my technologically-backward  country. The software started directing us,instructions were coming from the software such as move ahead,stop,turn your right et cetera. At the point the software started directing us ,we were about 600 meters from the car,as we were obeying the instructions the distance started reducing progressively .When the distance  was about 50 meters ,the software asked us to turn southeast and we did ,we just saw the car.  Immediately, we saw the car,the police man called for reinforcement and within minutes the dpo with his men came,we had to go back to get the spare key in order to drive it to the police station after our ICT cousin unlocked the car system from Lagos where he was then and immediately disabled the major key still in the possession of  the fleeing car snatcher  .

The active DPO ordering his men how to return to take the recovered car to the station

Lessons learnt
(1)Car snatchers are conversant with our local car tracking systems  and many of them can disable the car tracking systems within minutes

(2)Never leave your car on to go and open your gate if u have no gateman.Always be security conscious,I am aware that the car snatcher must have monitored my cousin over many days before striking.

(3) Common India could design such software somebody who does not know the geography of a place can get to his destination,what can Nigeria boast of today?

(4)Car snatchers don’t immediately leave a town or state when they snatch a car knowing that the message must have been relayed to all police checkpoints ,they hide in one of the hidden neighbourhoods and after some weeks or months when the news must have been overtaken by events,they would leave the state/town

(5)Without the map software there was no way we could locate the car , even if I live extra100 years in Port Harcourt ,there is nothing that will take me to the community that car was recovered from .

Above all,I thank God for his guidance

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