Money politics taints electoral processes in Nigeria – CISCLAC

THE Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre has said money politics has tainted Nigeria’s electoral processes.

Executive Director of CISLAC, Auwal Musa Rafsanjani, said this during his welcome address at the stakeholders forum on ‘Strengthening Accountability Networks Among Civil Society,’ in Kaduna, on Thursday.

He said, “Money politics has blemished the electoral process in Nigeria and if left unchecked, it will jeopardize our democratization process and in turn prevent electorates from reaping the dividends of democracy.

“Vote buying and selling appears to have become problematic in Nigeria, prevalent among both the leaders and the followers.

“Throughout the world, democracy is adjudged to be the best form of government but it is being constantly assaulted in Nigeria due to the phenomenon of money politics, vote buying and selling.

“Money seems to have taken the centre stage in the political process of many countries including that of Nigeria to the extent that word, ‘money politics’ has crept into the country’s political vocabulary.

“The problem with this situation is that the electoral process is often compromised resulting in elections not being free and fair.” He urged Nigerians to put a stop to the ugly practice.

Speaking on the need for accountability, one of the speakers at the event, Samuel Asimi, said the “abundance of dirty money in Nigeria has perpetuated a culture of lack of accountability and corruption for power preservation and self-enrichment”.


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