How to check your NIN number?(USSD for NIN Retrieval)

How to check your NIN number?(USSD for NIN Retrieval)

What is NIN?

The National Identification Number (NIN) is the unique number which identifies you as a Nigerian and is issued to you at the completion of enrolment into the National Identity Database (NIDB) by NIMC. Once a NIN is assigned to an individual, it can never be reassigned, given or used by another person – that makes it unique in nature. All citizens and legal residents in Nigeria, from age zero (birth) and above are eligible to enroll for their NINs.

You can register for NIN in any NIMC Enrolment Centre (ERC) close to you. Please visit the website for a list of all enrollment centers nationwide. Upon successful enrolment, a Transaction Slip is issued. You are then informed when to come for collection of your NIN. A second slip called the National Identification Number (NIN) Slip is issued when you collect your NIN. The NIN Slip has your 11 Digit Number at the top left corner, second row.

The NIN will be used to create records about an individual into the National Identity Database and is also used as a valid means of verifying and confirming individual identity.

Note that  The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has instructed all telecommunications operators to block all lines not paired with NIN Number by December 30th 2020

How to check your NIN number?

Forgotten your NIN? Don’t remember where you kept your NIN slip? Not to worry, NIMC’s USSD service enables you to retrieve your NIN conveniently using your mobile phone.

To use this service, simply go through the following steps:

  • dial *346#
  • from the options displayed, select “NIN Retrieval” by typing in “1” if you are using the phone number you enrolled with for your NIN
  • follow the steps displayed on your screen and provide the required inputs
  • note that using this service attracts fee or no fee depending on your network

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