Ndukuba charges government to end ASUU strike

The Primate of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Most Rev Henry Ndukuba, has appealed to the Federal Government to be sincere in its negotiations with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and reach a middle ground in order to bring an end to the recurring strike in the country.

He urged government to listen to the striking lecturers and enter into a negotiation that would put into consideration, the future of the youth.

On his part, the Anglican Bishop of Calabar Diocese, Most Rev Tunde Adeleye, deplored the present security and economic situation in the country and called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign from office.

Speaking at the closing of this year’s Divine Commonwealth Conference (DIVCCON) of the church in Abuja, Ndukuba wondered how legislators and other political office holders in the country would be living so well, even in their retirement, while lecturers, who contributed immensely to their being whatever they are, suffer.

He said: “It is their constitutional and fundamental right. If they are not treated well, they have the right to say we don’t like the way you are treating us, and that is what they are saying. Let the government and ASUU get back to the round table. There must be a middle ground. It is a negotiation, let them go and negotiate. Government should listen to them.

“I believe it has gotten to a point where we need fairness, and that is what the lecturers are asking for. I pray the government listens to them.”

Ndukuba urged more Christian to be involved in politics ahead of the 2023 general elections, saying: “It is enough, we can no longer stand by and think that it is for exclusive people. Politics should be for everybody, because it has to do with the distribution of our resources.”

On his massage to Nigerians at this crucial period, Ndukuba said: “There is no time there will not be problems. So, we are not surprised about the things happening around us. In all our troubles, with our faith in Christ, we are overcomers. This is not time to run away, but to rise up in faith.

“We want to tell Nigerians, don’t give up. Nigeria will rise again, no matter the oppression and attacks, the things happening around us, making it seem like there is no hope. We are more than conquerors and we will succeed in Christ.”

Speaking further, Adeleye, said things have gone so bad in the country to the level that the capability of the President to turn things around is in doubt; hence the need for him to resign or sack all the people around him and bring in new hands who would tell him the truth and what is happening in the country.

According to Adeleye: “There is nobody in Nigeria that is not concerned about the state of the nation. We are shocked at the suffering and punishment afflicted on the people and some parts of the country. We are not happy with the killings, maiming, kidnapping and destruction.

“We are not happy that only a particular group of people can get jobs in this country, especially political appointment. These were the reasons the youths came out to protest, if it had lasted more than the time it lasted before the hoodlums hijacked the protest, I would have joined them, because everybody is feeling bad with the situation of the country. It has never been like this.

“I think the leaders are deceiving and are not telling the man the truth. It is just as if we have a President that travelled or a President that never thinks or ponders of this nation.”

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