U.S. 2020: Biden, Trump maintain narrow margin in uncalled states

U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden

The race for the United States presidency remained undetermined still on Thursday as vote counts were on in four out of the last six states.

So far, the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has maintained a lead over the incumbent, Donald Trump, after election results were declared in 45 states out of the total 50 states in the United States.

Mr Biden has garnered a little above 71.6 million popular votes and 253 electoral college votes to blur Mr Trump’s chances at winning his re-election bid.

As of 2:35 pm.. on Thursday, the incumbent has 68 million popular votes and 213 electoral colleges while his chances at clinching the uncalled battleground states dwindle as vote counts proceed.

To be declared the winner of the presidential election in the U. S, such a candidate must have at least 270 electoral college votes, not necessarily the majority of the popular votes cast.

There are, however, a slim margin between Messrs Trump and Biden as the vote count continues in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia.

With less than 10% votes to be counted in the state, Pennsylvania accounts for 12% of the entire registered voters in 2020 and 20 electoral college votes.

A win for either candidate in the state would mean a game-changer.

Mr Trump is currently leading by over 160,000 votes in Pennsylvania, where a win for Mr Biden in the same state would send him above the required 270 electoral college votes to be declared the winner of the U.S 2020 presidential election.


A win for Mr Biden in Arizona (11) and Nevada(6), where he is currently leading, could also throw a spanner in the wheel of Mr Trump even if the latter eventually wins in Georgia and clinches the 16 electoral college votes in the state.

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