How To Encrypt your USB PenDrive in Window 10

Pendrive gives you access or allows you to share & transfer data between computers. Data like movies, games, song and other media from Pendrives. But sometimes we don’t want to fall victim of sharing sensitive information or media in Pendrives. Learn How To Encrypt your USB PenDrive in Window 10.

This trick tutor you how you can secure, and Password protects your USB Pendrive in Window 10 PC. To prevent your sensitive data to go into wrong hands, you don’t need to download any third-party software in your Window Computer for securing and Password protect your pen drive.

We will utilize Bitlocker Drive Encryption tool in Window for encrypting and securing your Pendrive in Window PC. Bitlocker Drive Encryption is integrated software in all Window versions which integrate that the PC Tips and Tricks works in Window versions.

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1. Firstly, Right Click on your USB Drive in your Window Explorer and select Turn on BitLocker option.

2. In the next Window option, type your password.

3. Click on Next button.

4. Now to Backup your recovery key, click on Save to file to save your recovery key on your Computer.

Make sure you Save Recovery file in your computer. If you forget your Bitlocker password, you can recover it through this recovery file. You can also upload this file to any Cloud drive for extra backup.

protect pendrive with password

5. Choose Encrypt entire drive(slower but best for PCs and drivers already in use) and click on Next button.

6. To encrypt your USB PenDrive in Window 1, Click on Start Encrypting button.

7. Pendrive Encryption process will start on your Window 10 PC. This process takes some time, so be patient.

8. After Encryption completes, Plugged out your Pendrive from your Windows 10 PC and Plug-in your Pendrive in your PC ones more.

Now, when you Open your Pendrive in Computer, Your Window 10 asks you enter the password.

In conclusion: This is the simplest method on How To Encrypt your USB PenDrive in Window 10. If you have any question, please ask.


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