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The managements of  PJ motors Ltd; PJ medical stores and equipment and Tambo Technologies wish  to announce the contents of our newly cleared containers at the Wharf:

A. 2005 ML 350 Mercedes Jeep

  1. No plate number
  2. custom papers complete
  3. Factory-fitted air conditioner (mortuary standard)
  4. Factory-fitted tracking device
  5. All features very much active
  6. Price: N2.9 Million


B. Siemens Ultrasound and Echocardiography machines of  different types 

On sighting the products below ,one may think they are Computer monitors ,far from it anyway .They are state of the art Ultrasound and Echocardiography Machines .

The products are from Germany and very durable.They are the most sought-after machines in the medical markets .There is no major diagnostic center in the country that does not use Siemens machines .The parts are very cheap and the engineers are readily available. We deliver to you nationwide .It comes with different probes of different Frequencies for all Ultrasonography and Echocardiography.. They come with their printers and stands . The Prices range from N600,000 to N3 million only.

Why should private hospitals be referring her patients to the nearby diagnostic centers just because the owners of the private hospitals do not know that there is more money in diagnostic/laboratory medicine than clinical medicine ? This is why most hospitals cannot even boast of 24 hours light . These diagnostic centres make billions from you and give you just a pittance called commission( though unethical going by MDCN codes of medical ethics in Nigeria (COME).

Patronise us today to see how your scans and laboratory will be giving you not less than N150,000 per day .Our engineers are ready to come to the utmost part of the nation to install the machines for you .


This is the time for all doctors and other health workers to join our Ultrasound classes to become experts in medical ultrasonogography , click 

Why waste your precious time pursuing areas of medicine that are not lucrative when most diagnostic centres are smiling to the banks everyday. I shed tears when I see doctors becoming grateful to diagnostic centers after collecting half bags of rice given to them during festive periods when actually the doctors should have been the ones sharing these festive gifts to their business partners  .



They come in different products ranging from Mercedes to Volks wagen . Beautifully furnished interiors with factory fitted air-conditioners and tracking devices.

The Interiors are as follows :

The vehicles and their prices are as follows :

Volks wagen product and price is N7.5 million only


Mercedes product and price is N8.5 million


Mercedes product and Price is N10.5 million


Mercedes product and price is N9 million


Rx 300,2003 model and price is N2.9 million


Rx 300,2003 model and price is N2.9 million





Honda CR-V 2006 model N2.3 million



EX 350 Lexus 2009 model N4.1 million




Venza 2010 model V6 N6.6 million






Range 2008 model N5.4 million





RX 350 /0 N4.9 million




ML 350/2004 N2.8 million




Range 08 – 010 N6.4 million




ML 350 /010 N5.9 million





GLK 350 4MATIC / 011 N6.9 million



Sienna 04 LE N2.7 million, Sienna 06 LE N3.0 million




Sienna 07XLE N3.5 million






ML350 /013 N10.9 million

Our main offices are located at Port Harcourt and Lagos and branch offices are scattered nationwide.


Dr Paul John

Director/CEO of PJ Motors Ltd ; PJ medical stores and equipment ; Tambo Technologies and Royal Medical and Health Pilot Publishers ltd

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