Monitoring of all activities in your firm has been a herculean task but with our Internal Control system device (ICSD) , directors of different firms can now rejoice .

Our device is well designed for your Hospitals,Pharmacies ,Supermarkets ,Poultry farms, Schools and other public places .

When your workers know that you do not monitor their activities ,they will go a long way to steal your money and valuables .

Our ICSD  is an integrated Hospital,Pharmacies ,Supermarkets ,Poultry farms, Schools etc  Management Information Software that helps to handle the entire administration of  your firms . It has various modules that help business owners  manage their assignments and schedules, carry out client/patient registration, maintain store inventory records, keep track of inputs/commodities medicine, administration, maintain blood bank (with available blood type) details, individual record of clients/patients with their test reports, nursing and housekeeping service details, financial information, including final billing & payments, insurance (NHIS) details and much more. This makes patient care and hospital administration a lot easier.

Features & Benefits of Mega-Net HospitalPro (Return On Investment)

  • Presenting data in graphical representation – charting capability.
  • Data Grid: Structured services that provides the ability to access, alter and transfer very large amounts data
  • Charts: Visual representation of patients data. Making information more easier to digest and understand.
  • Covers all categories of patients i.e. HMO, Company, Private, etc
  • Enforces staff and patients authentication integration
  • Makes it so easy to locate patients through streamlined and efficient search engine.
  • Makes it possible to move patients’ files electronically from one department to another
  • Biometric Technology Integration provides further advanced security
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) / National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) compliant.
  • Enforces Company Rounding Rules and policies for multiple shifts and departments
  • Provides convenience and accountability
  • Plays a crucial role in cost control by enhancing productivity and efficiency
  • Handles entire administration of hospitals and healthcare processes
  • Authorized Users are created with different access levels
  • Records are backed up automatically to external device, Cloud, etc. where ever you choose.
  • Records are stored in a safe and secure Database Engine
  • Reports can be sent directly from Mega-Net HospitalPro to any email address, fax number, anywhere in the world etc.
  • The Database Engine used can take any amount of patients’ records. Only limited by the system RAM size.
  • Runs on a Stand Alone Computer, Client Server Network, Pier-to-Pier Network, Internet and on the Cloud.
  • You can send automated and bulk SMS to clients/patients reminding them of their appointments, about their medicals, salutations, etc.
  • Better quality of service and care leading to improved client/patient satisfaction
  • Increased staff, physician productivity, efficient and effectiveness
  • Your staff will spend less time filing, tracking down and managing files
  • The dilemma of misplaced files is eliminated and reduced operating costs
  • Optimizes revenue recovery and increases cash flow
  • Enhanced intra-organization communication and coordination – LAN Messenger
  • Reduced patient waiting time and improved risk management
  • Enhances patient and document workflow
  • Decreased denials and reduction in medical errors
  • Supports paperless work environment
  • Information within the automated file is complete and legible

Also with about N100,000 you can install standard CCTV in your firm through our help ,

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