1. Pursuant to our previous advisory of 19th March 2020 concerning the postponement of the April 2020 WACS examinations due to safety concerns and after a careful review of the COVID-19 pandemic in our sub region, WACS wishes to announce the decision to merge the April 2020 with the October 2020 examinations.

2. In arriving at this decision, extensive consultations were held among stakeholders with detailed consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic challenge to the safe conduct of our examinations, and by extension the safety also, of the citizens of the constituent nations of WACS.

3. As the sole regional body charged with the training and certification of surgical specialists in West Africa, it is our belief that this action would allow us the opportunity to study the COVID-19 situation better and prepare for the conduct of the combined April/October 2020 examinations that would incorporate all aspects of the recommended preventive measures.

4. Further to the decision stated in (1) above, all our Residents who duly applied, received approval slips and or had their names published on the WACS website for the April 2020 examinations are hereby informed NOT to reapply as their previous application remains valid. All other Residents (who have recently completed their postings and other requirements) wishing to apply for the October 2020 examinations are advised to respond to the examination advertorial which will be published in due course.

5. Furthermore, we urge that we continue to work safely and lead by example in our communities regarding the observance of regular hand washing, respiratory hygiene, appropriate use of personal protective equipment where appropriate as well as all other preventive measures.

6. As we make these preparations, we will continually review the evolving nature of the pandemic with our singular purpose being the safe conduct of all College examinations.

7. Lastly, let us each continue to deploy with strength and faith the expertise at our disposal in the service of our communities, nations, and the world.

8. Long live the West African College of Surgeons!

Professor Philip M. Mshelbwala                                                             Professor Serigne M. Gueye
Secretary-General ,WACS                                                                     President,WACS

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