May Day and COVID-19 pandemic

May Day and COVID-19 pandemic

OVER the years, May 1 has been a unique day in the world of work. As we all know, it is called May Day, a day dedicated to workers as partners in socio-economic development of the nations. Workers on this day are recognised as an important limb in the tripod that sustains enterprises and development. Workers, over the years celebrate May Day and in Nigeria marchings are conducted by trade unions and their Federations in various stadia throughout the Federation. Today, May 1, 2020, is different. The stadia are empty and there are echoes of silence. We are all taking refuge in our respective homes and staying off the streets in a global bid to stay alive and beat an invisible enemy called COVID-19. We stay at home to minimize and eventually stop the spread of the COVID-19 infection which has killed many people in the world and dwindled life and economies. Offices, workplaces, businesses (small and large scales), and nations are closed. The COVID-19 outbreak has laid seige on humanity and we must all develop and imbibe a common will to fight and conquer this enemy.

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected modes of work and the utilization of teleworking is on the increase. I, therefore, urge you all to continue to do your best in that regard and to endeavour to demarcate your personal life from work as you work from home, although a bit difficult. It is a well known fact that arising from the COVID-19 crisis, businesses in both the private and public sectors have suffered. Sustainability of the enterprise has become a subject of concern. The worries precipitated by the COVID-19 crisis are further compounded by worries of maintaining a source of livelihood. In this regard, the government and social partners would have a look at the four- pillar plan of policy responses to COVID-19 crisis laid out by the International Labour Organisation, ILO, which are intended to be human-centered and built on global solidarity. This would be in addition to the Federal Government evolving plan of action to sustain the economy in the context of current global crisis. All relevant factors to the nation’s workforce will be identified, analysed, and solidified to ensure job retention and the continued realization of the decent work agenda. In doing this, we will be guided by the labour standards as benchmarks for social and employment protection at this time of vulnerabilities. Along this line, talks are currently ongoing between the Presidential Economic Sustainability Council and Employers on job protection and even job creation at this time and progressively to post COVID-19 crisis. I wish to state that employers will not be encouraged to disengage staff without prerequisite social dialogue and clearance from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment. I hail employees in the healthcare sector, the medical doctors and healthcare workers, for their call to duty and selflessness to care for the sick and the dying when no one else is allowed proximity to them due to the nature of the COVID-19 infection. God bless you all who have so discharged your duties to humanity.

For being in the frontline of this war with the invisible enemy, we praise you. In appreciation, the government has introduced a special hazard and inducement allowance at this time of COVID-19 crisis. Also, Group Life Insurance Policy has been activated for all workers in the Federal Government Public Service as well as Employees’ Compensation for injuries, disabilities sustained and even death in the course of discharging their duties. Furthermore, the Government appreciation goes to health workers’ umbrella, the Joint Health Sector Unions, JOHESU, and for Medical Doctors, the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, for your professionalism and support at this time of global health crisis. I call on employees in our science, technology, and research sector of the economy to put on your thinking caps and join your colleagues throughout the world and produce cure and/or vaccine for the covid-19 for testing and other required processes and procedures. Madagascar and Senegal have done it. Knowledge to mass produce We can also do something greater or key into their knowledge to mass produce for the Nigerian populace. My dear Nigerian workers, let me conclude my 2020 May Day remarks by sharing with you the ILO laid – out workers’ response options to the covid-19 crisis: 1.Efficient social dialogue at all levels is essential for quick and effective action. Workers’ organizations can play an important role in participating in decision making and policies responses to the crisis on COVID-19. 2. Assist governments to make critical social, economic and environmental protection policy decisions such as how to save jobs without risking the health of workers, how to implement the necessary COVID-19 measures without destroying livelihoods, how to mobilize and allocate the human and financial resources necessary without exacerbating the national debt crisis. How to extend social protection to the most needy and how to protect incomes, jobs, and rebuild, reshape and reorganise the economic and social infrastructure and priorities beyond the crisis; 3.Contribute to the prevention and protection of workers by giving reliable information. 4.Encourage responsible behaviour, cooperate with response measures and stay calm. ALSO READ: May Day: Okowa salutes workers, pledges improved welfare 5.Promote solidarity and non-discrimination / stigmatisation of workers and sick persons. 6.Since COVID-19 spreads mainly through respiratory droplets good workplace hygiene practices are essential, e.g. regular hand-washing, using hand and surface sanitiser. 7.Reach out to UN country teams especially Resident Coordinators and offer solutions from a trade union perspective.” In view of these proposed options for workers’ response, we can all agree that the road to victory will require cooperation and togetherness with social dialogue as a driving Instrument. I wish you all God’s Divine Mercy and Protection. Eschew fear and its attendant ills. Observe all authorized guidelines on how to stay safe at this time especially with the partial lift of the lockdown for some States of the Federation. Wash your hands regularly and observe Social Distancing. When the time comes, return to your places with greater zeal to minimize crisis impact.


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