[People Talk] COVID-19: How FG should distribute palliatives (3)

[People Talk] COVID-19: How FG should distribute palliatives (3)

“I would suggest it should be distributed from house to house just like head counting during census is being done. While doing this, strict monitoring should be exercised by FG on the officials assigned for it in order for them not to pocket it. “Although, it might look tedious but it’s a reliable way to record success on the distribution.” -Shehu Suleiman, Writer “FG should deploy vote-buying tactics to disburse palliatives. They should go to the grassroots through community leaders and councilors to identify needy people especially those who live on daily work. “The palliatives are really needed at this critical time. The FG could also use electricity distribution companies to deliver palliatives to Nigerians.” -Joseph Tanimola, Banker “FG should go to areas or neighborhoods where the poorest of the poor are and deliver the palliatives to their doorsteps. They will count the number of rooms in each building and share it using this logic. “This should be done on time because people are hungry. Lockdown without food is actually death in another form.” -Dahunsi Olabode, Content Creator.

“I believe the Federal Government can achieve door to door distribution which for now is the best way to distribute the palliatives and to also avoid unnecessary gathering. “They should take a look at other countries and see how they achieved this without any issues. I believe we can learn from even our African neighbours.” -Popoola Motunrayo, Analyst “Federal government should partner with state Ministry of Environment and Youths which will in turn liaise with local government for a door to door distribution, using official government vehicles. “They however need the help of volunteers for the distribution. There should be a proper documentation and people should be encouraged to give feedback.” -Adedoyin Kadiri, Unemployed graduate “The Federal Government should share the COVID19 relief through the Federal Legislators, State legislators and local government legislators. “These people know the wards and the units and virtually know almost everybody from the wards to the unit. This is the best way we can make the relief materials get to the actual people that needs it.” -Akinwa Afolabi, Social Entrepreneur



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