[People Talk] COVID-19: Should FG shut borders against all foreigners (1)

COVID 19, FAAN, Airport

From an economic point of view, I don’t think the FG should shut our borders against all foreigners because of the economic impact it will have on the country.

“It might be hard for us to recover from it being that we’ve not really recovered from the 2016 recession. I dont think it is a good idea.” -Ogunkunle Emmanuel, Writer “That the borders have not been shut agaisnt all foreigners yet is so alarming! It’s better to be on the safe side because according to statistics, this virus has spread rapidly across Europe mostly as a result of immigrants. “I feel shutting foreigners out will help in curbing any form of outrageous outbreak in Nigeria.” -Jeff Tijani, Artistic Director “Though economically we are at the verge of another recession, but I support the idea keeping all foreigners away from out country. “By shutting foreigners out, we will be able to contained the few cases we already have. i believe this is a proactive way of making sure the country is safe. FG must double its efforts towards preventing the spread of Covid-19.” -Olalekan Adejumo, Journalist

“I will support the idea of shutting the borders against all foreigners. Most of the deadly diseases were introduced into the country by foreigners. “Ebola was by a Liberian and Covid-19 was brought into the country by an Italian, so why should the FG fold its arms and watch people bring in these diseases into Nigeria and cause the citizens pain?” -Dr. Ilebiyi Aderemi, Alternative Therapist “I think the Federal Government should shut our borders for this cause since the essence is to curtail the spread of the virus. They should close the borders to both incoming and outgoing. “That is the only way we can stop further infection. The few cases we have so far was brought in by mostly foreigners.” -Temi Olaniyan, Linguist “Shutting the borders against foreigners is the right thing to do. It will help control the influx of humans into the country. “If we are concerned about the monetary aspect, it would eventually hunt us because day by day, people would go out and come in from different locations where they could contract the virus.” -Afolayan Toyosi, Historian


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