People Talk: On bill to ban generators, jail sellers (3)

“I will support the bill if only those in the position of authority will stop using electricity generators. This should extend to the high and mighty in the society including our politicians and this will show our readiness for the bill.

“I think if this bill is passed into law, it will be of great help and benefit to Nigerians and it will also enhance the quality of service rendered to Nigerians by the power sector.

“We cannot boast of constant power supply and these people are thinking of banning generators? I do not think that’s the best thing to do. “The senators should rather compel the power sector operators to provide constant power for Nigerians.” -Jejeloye Tunde, Secretary “The bill to ban electricity generators is not right because it will affect the country’s economy badly as it will affect production because most of the machines used for production use electricity. “There is epileptic power supply in the country and producing manually will not meet demand.” -Esther Ebu Ndifon, Corps Member

“I don’t support the bill because of unstable power supply. Ideally, nobody would prefer generating set to stable power supply but in this case, many of us are in a tight corner. “As for the 10-year jail term, this will only add to the high rate of unemployment because so many jobs have been provided through the sale and importation of generating sets.” -Abiodun Oluwafemi, Student  “I don’t see any logic behind banning importation of generators because that is not the solution to the power problem in Nigeria. How do they want businesses to survive without using generators? “However, before they ban it, they should make solar panel batteries and inverters easy for people to purchase.” -Felix Oladeji, Freelancer


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