Coronavirus: Iran releases 70,000 prisoners


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Iran has temporarily released 70,000 prisoners as part of measures to combat the ongoing coronovirus disease in the country.

Iranian judiciary chief, Ebrahim Raisi, said on Monday, the country has temporarily released approximately 70,000 prisoners due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This has become a necessary measure for the country to respond to the deadly coronavirus outbreak as new cases have been on the rise in the country, the official explained.

Moreover, containing an epidemic outbreak in congested areas and places such as prisons can be difficult.

Startling statistics

So far, the world has eyes on three countries outside China – Iran, Italy and South Korea – as they are fast becoming hotspots of Covid-19.

New cases are reported daily and South Korea has the most cases outside of China with roughly 7,500 infections.

This is followed closely by Italy and Iran, which both had more than 7,000 cases as of Monday morning, according to data compiled by John Hopkins University.

As of Monday, data on the disease from John Hopkins University shows that the virus has infected more than 111,300 people around the world, killing at least 3,892.

Also, over 100 countries, including Nigeria have reported at least a case of the disease.


At the onset of the outbreak, the Iranian government had downplayed the magnitude of the outbreak and refused quarantine as a measure to contain the spread.

Several senior members of the Iranian government, including the deputy minister of health had been infected.

Also, the government has been accused of downplaying the severity of the epidemic and not revealing the true extent of the crisis.

Health experts fear the number of infections in the country is much higher than the official figures cited.



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